45-Piece Train Set with Rail (LILLABO)

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Track: Solid beech
Vehicles/ Tree: Solid beech, Acrylic paint, Clear acrylic lacquer
Nail/ Axle: Steel, Galvanized
Wheel: Polyethylene plastic
House/ Roof/ Post: Solid beech, Stain, Clear acrylic lacquer
Bridge/ Station: Polypropylene plastic
Crossing/ Tunnel: ABS plastic

Product weight: 2.29 kg

An entire city where your train chugs along through tunnels and goes up steep hills on its journey passing closed barriers, high buildings and lush trees. Combines with most other railway systems on the market. In order to conserve our resources, we use as much of the tree as possible when we manufacture the LILLABO series. That’s why each item is unique with varying grain patterns and natural color shifts. Develops the imagination, fine motor skills and logical thinking of your child. Recommended for ages from 3 years. The train set connects together using the magnets on the wagons. This product bears the CE mark