Armani Lip Magnet Freeze Liquid Lipstick

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The iconic Lip Magnet range by Giorgio Armani Beauty has been expanded with a new palette of matte sorbet shades thanks to the Lip Freeze collection.

The new technology at the heart of each color formula reveals brand new shades with glossy and matte sorbet effects. Thanks to their "frost" base with white pigments, these shades adorn lips with a sensational and sumptuously vibrant make-up, yet are discreet and easy to wear.

The collection also features new soft-touch packaging that enhances the irresistible frosted charm of these shades.

The Lip Freeze collection features a palette of luminous matte sorbet tones in Lip Magnet's signature ultra-light second-skin formula. Its "oil-in-water" emulsion technology guarantees a luminous matte finish: blending fine oils, pigments and water, the formula gradually evaporates after the lipstick is applied.
This technology allows oils and pigments to fuse and create a highly concentrated color veil on the lips.
Lip Magnet features a fine calligraphic applicator with a velvety texture that delivers the ideal amount of product for ultra luminous matte lips with perfectly defined contours.
As it dries, the formula enhances lips with a fine matte veil.
Four times finer than a classic lipstick, Lip Magnet's texture reveals fascinating color while making you forget you're wearing it