Bath Robe (ROCKAN)

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Product size:
Length: 104 cm
Surface density: 380 g/m²

Product weight: 1.03 kg

You can enjoy long Sunday mornings in your comfy bathrobe. The sleeve’s seam is sewn diagonally away from the armpit so there’s no chafing against your skin and there’s more space to move in. Some people prefer to tie their bathrobe below the stomach while others prefer higher up. We added an adjustable belt loop that works both ways. A small detail that adds function and comfort to the robe. You get the same, soft terry cotton on the inside as you do on the outside so you can wrap yourself in warming comfort after the bath or shower and look good too. The pockets are placed on the sides so they won’t end up in front of your stomach when you tie your bathrobe. Handy for warming your hands, storing tissues, keys, phone or pencil for the crossword puzzle. Fabric softener decreases the absorbtion capacity

Paulin Machado