Butcher's Block (APTITLIG)

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Product size:
Length: 45 cm
Width: 36 cm
Thickness: 33 mm

Product weight: 3.50 kg

The chopping board collects meat and fruit juice in the milled groove and prevents it from spilling on to your worktop. You can easily turn the chopping board and use both sides when you prepare food, because it has easy to grip slanted edges. Can be placed over the bowl on BOHOLMEN, BREDSKAR or FYNDIG sink to get an extra work surface for preparing food. Made of bamboo, which is an easy care, hardwearing natural material that is also gentle on your knives. The weight provides a stable base for cutting. Fits in the bowl of all sinks in the BOHOLMEN series. SKYDD wood treatment oil for indoor use is recommended for maintenance. Wash this product before using it for the first time

Jon Karlsson