Colored Pencil (MALA)

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Product size:
Length: 12 cm
Thickness: 1 cm

Product weight: 0.11 kg

Package quantity: 10 pack

The pencils are water-soluble, so with a wet brush your child can blend colors in their drawing for creative results.
The pencils are designed to fit comfortably in children´s hands, so they can draw with ease.
Of course everything in the MALA series is non-toxic – we care just as much about the creative minds of the next generation as you do.
Creating and being creative makes you calm and focused, and is extra nice after a day of school and activities.
WARNING! Choking hazard - Small part. Contains functional sharp edge. Risk for cuts. Not suitable for children under 4 years.
Recommended for ages from 4 years.
Comprises: 10 pencils in different colors, 1 pencil sharpener and 1 brush.
The pencils will leave permanent marks on most surfaces and materials, however, immediately washing the area with a stain remover may give good results