Curtains with Tie-Backs, 1 Pair (SANGLARKA)

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Product size:
Length: 300 cm
Width: 120 cm

Product weight: 1.33 kg

Made from 100% sustainably grown cotton, a natural and durable material that gets softer with every wash.
Reduces daylight getting through, creates privacy and absorbs sound. It also has a certain insulating effect against the cold of the winter and the heat of summer.
You can easily adjust the length of the curtains by positioning and then ironing the included iron-on hemming strip.
Easy to hang directly on the curtain rod since the curtains have tab headings at the top.
Tie-back with touch and close fastener which opens easily.
Tested and contains no substances, phthalates or chemicals that can harm your child's skin or health.
Easy to keep clean; machine wash hot (60°C).Comprises: 2 curtains with tie-backs.
You can use SY iron-on hemming strip to shorten the curtains without sewing