Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Palette

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A revolutionary, travel-friendly eyeshadow palette with six ultra-intense, easy to blend colors in finishes that range from matte to shimmery: snap together your choice of two palettes to double your options while maintaing a perfectly compact format. You'll have 12 of your favorite shades at your fingertips!

Snap and add. The Snap Shadows eyeshadow palettes snap together so you can now create a completely customized palette to take anywhere.

Each palette of 6 shadows offers different shade ranges for your complexion, with smoky, pastel, or subtle neutral colors. Rihanna personally chose this rainbow of rich, smooth, and easily blendable colors in matte, shimmery, or glitter finishes, to create a range of colors you'll keep reaching for.
Say goodbye to shades you never use!

The TRUE NEUTRALS palette offers ultra-intense, easily blendable colors:
- NOOKIE ROOKIE: matte cream
- SIMMA DOWN: pale pink shimmer
- TEQUILA NITE: bronze shimmer
- VELVET CUFFS: rose champagne shimmer
- CUMIN GET IT: matte terracotta
- AFFOGATO: matte hot chocolate

Create an endless array of looks with a single palette, or snap two of them together to double your collection while keeping it perfectly compact.
Choose your favorite combination: True Neutrals + Rose = Rosey Neutrals The possibilities are endless!