GUCCI Baume A Levres- Lip Balm

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Gucci begins its new beauty story from the lips. A lipstick is the ultimate makeup tool, its fascination and desirability a result of its instant transformative power. Gucci’s three new lipstick collection: Baume a Levres, a lip balm with a translucent finish.

Baume a Levres enhances the natural smoothness and texture of the lips. The lip balms give a soft glow of colour with three shades and one transparent formula, melting on lips to leave a feeling of hydration, moisture and comfort.

Inspired by vintage makeup the lipstick's packaging interweaves House motifs with contemporary codes. Baume a Levres is contained in a turquoise colored tube, a hybrid shade of blue and green chosen specifically by Alessandro Michele because it represents an attention to colour, before pink was assigned as symbolic of the feminine world post war