Stor Baskets Changing Table, Set of 4 (ONSKLIG)

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Product size:
Width: 27 cm
Depth: 23 cm
Height: 26 cm

Product weight: 0.97 kg

With these storage baskets you can have everything from nappies and washcloths to skin care products and towels close at hand by the changing table. Perfect when you have a lively baby who requires all of your attention. The baskets save space as they hang on the edge of the changing table. You can choose to hang the waste bin on the edge of the changing table or stand it on the floor. The hooks give you a handy place for towels, washcloths or sleep suits. You can hang the hooks on the edge of the table or fasten them on the wall.
Comprises: 4 storage baskets and 2 hooks, of which 1 hook is needed to hang up the largest storage basket

Monika Mulder