Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture Lip Stain

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Lip stain, a highly pigmented matte color that becomes one with the lips by Yves Saint Laurent.

Tatouage Couture reinterprets the tattoo trend with an exclusive formula for rebellious lips, with no material effect, as if they were tattooed with ink. 18 colors. 18 convictions.
A gang of bold shades. Intense colors that are designed to last, yet feel like you're wearing nothing at all.

More matte, more intense, more concentrated in pigments, its very long-wearing formula combines its incredible color rendering with a sensation of extreme lightness on the lips.
3 times more pigments in a 4 times thinner veil.

Its unique beveled applicator offers precision and precise control of gestures. The color stays on the lips all day long. From morning to evening and from evening to morning, Tatouage Couture leaves its sublime signature, for lips with divinely shaped contours. No touch-ups, just pure matte color.

Ultra-modern and graphic, its new frosted bottle reveals the color you will soon have under your skin